Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Our action for protecting private information

Penn & Nitto ("we") respect our customers' rights of privacy.
We use private information acquired from our customers only for appropriate reasons and we regard protecting such private information is our social responsibility and the base of our business activity. We keep all our management and employees informed about handling customers' private information and appropriately manage such information.

What is private information?

Information as follows which we have or is accessible by us and that identifies or that can identify an individual.

It includes, name, age, address, phone number, place of work, address of work, affiliation, phone number of place of work, fax number, e-mail address, bank account, information on inquiry and complaint, website that was made access, information on purchased product or service, and so on.

Handling of private information

  1. We take appropriate and reasonable safety measures against risks not only of our customers' information leaking but also of unauthorized access to protect our customers' private information.
  2. We appropriately manage private information provided from our customers and do not disclose it to any third parties, provided that, in either of the following cases, we disclose our customers’ private information without consent from our customers.
    • Required by law or by an order of any public organizations such as court or police
    • Suspicious illegal activity or fraud, any potential threat of bodily safety, or prohibited by our company
    • Considered appropriate to answer from the department of charge of our company, our agent, and/or trading company
    • To provide minimum but necessary information to the third party including a transport company for delivering our products, samples, and/or materials to our customers
    • To entrust part of our management and operations to our subcontractors for fulfilling our service. In that case, we will take every measure to make our subcontractors appropriately manage private information for preventing any information leak and unauthorized access.
  3. We may use private information within the purpose of our sales activity including
    confirmation and referring to products orders and shipments, answering inquiries, and so on.
    We may send e-mails to our customers for providing improved services.

    Upon customers' request, we will immediately stop sending such e-mails and will not send any more information to such customers.

Acceptance of disclosure, inquiries, request, consultant, and complaint

  1. Disclosure of private information
    Upon request from the customer, we will immediately disclose his/her private information after identification process. Request from any third party will be denied except by the law.
  2. To confirm, request or make inquiries of the private information provided, contact us at the following e-mail address.

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