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ISO 9001 Quality Policies
We will operate this system based on the following guidelines.

1. Each employee will make every effort to enhance customer satisfaction.
2. In order to make the proper products, we will follow the procedures fully and accurately to execute our tasks.
3. We will establish a quality goal that will be implemented, managed and reviewed.
4. We will run a proper quality management system according to the ISO 9001 requirements and always continue to improve the system.
ISO 9001 Registration
Manufacturing and selling of Heat Shrinkable Tubing of Fluoropolymer: Penntube®(SMT, SST, PFA) & Flexible Tubing of Fluoropolymer: Pennchem®CT
ISO 9001 Registration Day
ISO 14001 Environmental Policies
Each employee will recognize the importance of the preservation of the environment, value the harmony with the natural environment and coexistence with the local community and set the following policies in order to voluntarily and continually promote environmental protection activities.
1. We will continually strive to make environmental improvement and prevent pollution through the operating our business of the production of fluoropolymer tubing: convoluted (wave-shaped) tube forming and shrinkable tubing.
2. We will make every effort to conserve energy and resources, reduce waste to help preserve and improve the environment.
3. We will observe the environmental laws and regulations enforced by the government and local communities as well as any requirement from our customers.
4. We will establish our objectives and goals each year relative to the environment in order to perform specific action plans based on the laws and regulations and the concerns and interests of those affected and involved with the surrounding environment.
5. We will disclose our environmental policies if required or inquired from outside our company.
Penn & Nitto Corp.
Ryouzou Yoshioka , President
ISO 14001 Registration
ISO 14001 Registration Day