Quality environment policy

Basic policy


In every business activity, we make efforts to minimize the burden on natural environment and the community by not only tackling energy conservation, resource saving, recycling and waste reduction, but also making consideration to maintain biodiversity in order to promote a circular society.

Also, we promote education and edification that all employees fully understand "our most important issue on management is to improve customer satisfaction and harmonize with global environment" and that they keep a high level of consciousness on quality improvement and environmental conservation.

We establish a management system of the quality and environment and by setting a target, we will deliberately operate the system. In addition, we will review the set target periodically for continuously making an improvement.

We comply with all the applicable legal requirements and all other requirements that we agree with in our every business activity.

We take measures to promote all our employees to understand all above basic policy.
Also, we disclose this policy by a request from a third party if necessary.

February 1, 2021
Penn & Nitto Corporation
President Takeshi Shimomura

■ISO 9001: certified


Designing and manufacturing fluoropolymer tubing and selling other fluoropolymer tubing

■ISO 9001: certified on

April 25, 2005

■ISO 14001: certified


Designing and manufacturing fluororesin tubing and selling other fluororesin tubing

■ISO 14001: certified on

April 20, 2005