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Fine Tube
Extruded Tube
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Note: Our trade marks,Pennchem is registered by following countries ;China, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, France, Germany, Italy and Japan.
Chemical Resistance
They are mostly resistant to attack by highly corrosive fluids.
* Exception: Molten alkali metals, and fluorine at high temperature.
* Chemical resistance differs depending on application conditions, including temperature and pressure. Please, therefore, confirm by testing before using.
Non Contaminating Characteristics
They are characterized by little possibility of contaminating fluids because they contain no plasticizers of flame retardants, and are chemically inert.
Non Stick Characteristics
Highly viscous fluids do not stick to them because of their excellent non-stick property.
Working Temperature
hey can be used over a comparatively wide range of temperatures among the flexible tubes of highly functional polymers.
Pennchem® CT (Max.150) Pennchem® TX (Max.260)
Bend Radius
Because of their small bend radius, they are flexible when piping.
They are almost transparent, allowing a fluid in the tube to be seen.